Warsaw Online Pool Tournament

We are glad to announce that Warsaw is seeing it’s first and most important online tournament for the game of Pool. Yes you have heard it right, it is not a normal Pool tournament but an online one where people will be playing this game online and competing with players from across the city. Our Warsaw city has full of apartments that has full of gamers who play such games 24/7. If you are also a gamer and wish to participate in the tournament then please register yourself through this website and wait patiently for the tournament day to arrive.

The tournament is going to be held from 15th March to 30th March and every player is going to be part of a league where there are going to be some league matches first and then the winners of the leagues will play one another to emerge as an ultimate winner. If you wish to become the ultimate Warsaw Pool player then register today.


If you are really serious about this tournament then you can practice this online pool game called 8 ball pool. This pool game is an amazing game which promises not only a lot of fun but also prize winning awards now that games are being held in the name of this pool version. We are also recommending people to play 8 ball pool in game tournaments as a practice so they can know and understand what to expect from a real one.

We have also heard that some people are applying tricks to cheat in the game which unfortunately is not going to work. Even if you could find ways to hack 8 ball pool, it is not going to work because the game that will be played is going to be a similar version of 8 ball but not the same so any script that has been tested on this game is not really going to work. However you are free to try.

Win not Cheat

Our sincere request to all the players is to not apply brains in how to cheat but focus more on improving your game so that you actually have a chance to win. Losers find out ways to hack and cheat while winners focus on the game and concentrate on improving their game play. Think what you want to be, winner or loser.