Warsaw – Paris Of The Left?

Warsaw is the capital of Poland and also the largest city in Poland.The city is located to the eastern side of Poland and sits on a beautiful river. Warsaw was once one of the most beautiful cities in Europe but the World War 2 left it totally destroyed. Did you know that almost 85% of the buildings in Warsaw was totally destroyed due to German Invasion. This city has suffered a lot due to war and today it is also a city that has been developed again from scratch. Today the city is ninth most populous city in whole of Europe.

The above photo is of the Castle Square and it is one of the happening places in the city.

Warsaw is an important city for Poland as it is one of the major tourist attraction and also a political hub of Poland. Being the largest city in Poland and most people live here, it is rightfully an important city for this country. Did you know that it is the 32nd most livable city in the world and 4th most business friendly city? It is also a city with one of the highest number of skyscrapers in Europe. Check out some of the skyscrapers in the photo below:

Warsaw is known for it’s beautiful landscape and architecture. After all the city was rebuilt in recent times and so Poland has made sure to develop it in the right way. There are many Palaces, Churches and historical buildings. You also have various Gothic and Renaissance cultural buildings. After seeing some of the photos you will also want to go and visit this city. The city is vibrant and pretty at night with thriving night life. Take a look at the photo below and tell me if you don’t feel mesmerized:

Warsaw has a lot of green cover, nearly 25% of the city is covered in green. There are almost 82 Parks in the city alone and they cover nearly 10% of the city. The best of all is the Saxon Garden, a royal garden as they say. Apart from that there is also a Botanical garden and a zoological garden. There are also 13 natural reserves in the city which are also worth visiting.

Warsaw is one of the most diverse city in Poland and also a city that attracts the most number of foreign nationals. The population of the city is nearly 1.8 million as of today and it has been on the increase each year. The city is dominated by the Catholics and the second highest number of people are the Jews.

Warsaw is the business hub of Poland with the stock exchange also in this city. The city’s business has been thriving each year and is also starting to get noticed by the world. The city has become one of the most expensive cities to live in the world and no wonder business is growing here. It is growth that brings about the expenses too in any city in the world. Take a look at Singapore for example, such growth and prosperous economy has made it one of the highly expensive cities to live.

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